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The majority of ECD programs in South Africa was written for children with adequate vocabulary and very involved parents. Advantaged children hear 30 million more words at age 3. How do we close the gap that uninvolved parenting has left on our country?


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Most existing programmes were never adapted for the majority of children in our country. Therefore many children struggle to engage with the curriculums offered because their parents aren’t teaching them the basic foundations that is necessary for literacy & numeracy before they even set foot in a Daycare Centre.

Complicated overseas ECD programmes which require highly skilled teachers will most probably not work in South Africa because the majority of caregivers are poorly skilled.

South Africans should come up with their own solutions for our unique situation.

What makes the ‘BrainBoosters English First Additional Language Daycare programme’ different?

  1. We believe English as a first additional language should be introduced at a very young age.  Children should learn their mother tongue and English simultaneously.  We should not choose.
  2. We have tweaked, tested and designed new programmes to try and bring disadvantaged children on par with advantaged children in a short period of time focusing heavily on early reading and numeracy.
  3. We provide carefully selected toys, books and posters in five themes for the caregiver/teacher in different age groups.
    Age 2 – 3
    Age 3 – 4
    Age 4 – 5
    Age 5 – 6
  4. We use a unique methodology which shows remarkable results in a short period of time.
  5. We empower poorly skilled caregivers/teachers by providing a non-academic training with a picture-driven poster instead of a manual.
  6. To be able to scale training of caregivers/teachers we have designed a ‘MacDonald’s ‘style training to make sure that all trainers deliver exactly the same training throughout the country.  

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