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South Africa ranks 148/148 in the Global Competitive Index for Primary Education (2014), clearly illustrating the need for an innovative, cognitive intervention plan for early childhood development in order to change the future of our human potential.
We believe it is critical to rethink learning and teaching in Early Childhood Development and to train existing and new teachers in methods that can show remarkable results in a short period of time. 

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BrainBoosters has pinpointed a critical problem in the current South African education system.

Many children enter Grade R and Grade 1 without a proper foundation and therefore struggle to successfully climb the ladder of learning.

In addressing the above problem, we found that the existing methods used in daycare centres and pre-schools skipped one extremely important step. The first step should be to teach basic concepts in isolation so that young children can apply this knowledge. However, existing methods in ECD start with ‘applied knowledge’, which most children don’t have.

Please view ‘The Blue Plate Methodology’

BrainBoosters offers innovative, cognitive developmental programmes that include easy-to-use products and training.

  1. Daycare centres:

    We provide non-academic training with a picture-driven manual for caregivers looking after children under the age of four. We provide carefully selected toys, books and posters in six themes for the teacher, as well as six themed parent packs.

  2. Grade R & 1:

    The one hour daily programme compliments the Grade R & 1 CAPS curriculum focusing on Numeracy & Literacy. The interactive method keeps all children fully involved, even in classes of more than 50 children.

    We train teachers and provide them with products for teacher, child and parent.

  3. Parenting Program 

    A programme for parents and grandparents with children (0-6 years):

    This programme includes products that can be bought online.

  4. Remedial Reading Programme

    This is the same reading programme that forms part of the Grade 1 programme, and would benefit children in higher grades with poor literacy skills. The programme can also be used to teach Adult Literacy.


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